We offer comprehensive employment information for students who need a better understanding about job contents, requirements, and job application of the job that they are interested in applying.


The internship programs are available during semesters, summer and winter vacations. We also offer international internship programs for students who are interested in gaining foreign country’s working experience.


The Career Development Center provides a series of events and workshops to increase students’ knowledge and skills about career exploration, goal-setting, resume writing, and interview techniques.


We have five professional Global Career Development Facilitators (GCDF) listening to your needs. We provide professional counselling service.

About Career Development Center

The Career Development Center provides students with comprehensive career assistance and career counselling service. We are here to assist students with exploring careers, developing career plans that are suitable for them, and enhancing their competencies that are necessary for obtaining employment successfully after graduation. The services include:123456
1. Career consultation
2. Career guidance lectures 
3. Internship
4. Career fairs and events 
5. Career Assessment
6. Introducing good companies that students intend to enter
7. Job-matching service

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